Advising Services

I have had the pleasure & privilege of being an Advisor since the beginning of 2013. I am able to support BSc and Diploma associates on their learning journeys with Gaia U.

My main areas of interest are:

Permaculture design - with experience in land based design, mainly smallholding & farm scale, with a specialism in plant-based systems as well as medicinal landscaping. I also have fairly extensive experience in applying design to non land-based projects, including regional food networks, educational systems, campaigns and grassroots projects.

Food Systems - including food sovereignty principles and organising, local food production & mapping systems, access to land, project start-up and popular education around the politics of the food system.

Community Organising - diverse skill set including group design processes, engaging with diverse groups of people, campaign strategy, event organising, listening & group facilitation tools such as Open Space, world cafe, popular education and other tools, burnout awareness, dealing with repression & more.

Project management & personal productivity - one of my most refined learning edges is project management, managing diversity and complexity with skill and grace through refined personal systems that enhance personal productivity, save wasted time & energy and optimise resources. I have a long term refined 'getting things done' system and can support associates to help design a system that works for them through the application of various principles & using tools from different tool boxes such as Getting Things Done (GTD), managing promises and more.

Technical skills & support - I can also support associates with technical aspects of disseminating learning online with support of skill flex advising on:

  • Mahara portfolio design & development
  • Website design
  • Blogging
  • Publication editing & freelance journalism
  • Using other IT tools recognised by Gaia U e.g. prezis, Skype and so forth.

Supporting action learning - My main passion is embracing action learning cycles to support associates to make the most of their Gaia U investments and to enable associates to capture learning from their life and projects.

In terms of qualifications I have undertaken the Gaia U Advisor Training, am a trained tutor with the Permaculture Association GB to support apprentices complete the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in the UK and have also completed a number of teacher training courses that have focused on participatory, creative and popular education methods of learning.

If you are interested in arranging any independent skill flex advising sessions please email me at

I am also open to energy exchanges and alternatives to financial renumeration.