How to Read this Output Packet

          There are three main components of this output packet, the core report, supporting evidence, and commentary.  The core report consists of the "Introduction", "Core Report", and "Outcomes".  The bulk of the core report is a personal account of my experiences leading up to and at Emerging Leader Labs.

          The supporting evidence are the conversations I had and the materials that I read and wrote as a part of this project.  Conversations and materials I produced are on the page "Supporting Evidence".  Websites, books, and other materials I read are on the page "Annotated Resource Review" with summaries and notes.

          The commentary are in the pages titled "Reflections" and "Pathway Review".  It includes the design of my output packet, how I integrated feedback from my previous output packets, how I managed time and promises, what I have accomplished from my original Learning Intentions and Pathway Design and how that design has changed.