MSc Projects: Pre-Capstone and Capstone

  • Ava Klinger's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 3 - Marketing as a Means to Manifest Dreams looks into my dream of becoming a published author, and the dream of expanding Gaia University and focuses on using a realistic appraisal of what small efforts can be made now to manifest these dreams through marketing.
  • Charles Thibodeau's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 2 -  Discover how I navigated the parallel journeys of creating a business plan, launching a business, working with my first client, and developing my skillflexes.
  • Jackie Saorsail's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 2 -  This output packet is the story of how I began my quest toward regenerative organizational design.
  • Daniel Brodell-Lake and Teryl Chapel's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 4 - Reports what we have collectively learned about passive and active photovoltaic greenhouse design, specifically for the purpose of providing sustainable and controlled environments for producing organic food with Aquaponics.
  • Liam McDermott's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 3 -  I would like people to go away from this workshop or OP with a respect for the unseen microorganisms all around and within us, and a sense of knowing how to make cheese and keep bees.
  • Nicola Vosper's Capstone MSc OP 3 - The purpose of this output is to share my observations of deconstructing agroecology as a science; exploring its social, political, and economic contexts in relationship to scientific paradigms and practices