Output Packet Design

The design for this Output Packet was much simpler than the designs for my previous two OPs. I decided to focus on just one project (plus an update on progress toward my capstone) and leave out my many side-projects. This was a great decision, since I have plenty to talk about with Coism and it makes my OP much easier to understand and follow. I used a template from my last OP, which I like.

I didn't do a lot of thinking about how to design the OP itself. I figured out after I was done that I should have more of a conscious plan to build on my skillflexes or reach certain personal and professional objectives for myself through my project and pathway design.  So far I've been mostly concentrating on the outcomes of the project itself, not sure how to design the pathway and OPs. Therefore, I really only have a project design and not an OP design for this OP.