Time and Commitment Management

In the project itself I have done a great job of meeting my commitments to meet with the Coism team and do my assigned tasks. For the output packet, it took me a long time to finish this OP for multiple reasons. However, I think this worked out perfectly because the Coism project reached a point of being presentable just when I was ready to complete the OP. I got a head start creating the layout and entering some photo content months earlier, though I did most of the work in the month before I turned in the OP.

I am still using a kanban board as the background of my computer and a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the tasks completed for each project and the time I spent. Here are the totals for each project relevant to this OP.

Time Estimates

Ouput Packet Creation: 29.5 hrs

Research: 50.5 hrs

Coism Design: 56 hrs

Incubator Admin/Consulting: 72 hrs

Web Development: 45.5 hrs

Total work for this OP: 253.5 hrs