Welcome to Output 11: An Ecomachine for Lyons, a final output packet in my Masters learning journey with Gaia University.

This output describes the ecosocial design work undertaken in aiming to bring an ecological waster water system known as a Jonathon Todd Ecomachine to Lyons, the small town in Illinois, US where I live.

This report explores the processes undertaken in manifesting the project as well as my own personal roles in the design process.

Section 1 introduces the output and how it has been crafted through the use of advisors, peer supporters and Elf's within the Gaia University community.

Section 2  presents the background context to my work, describing what a Ecomachine is and why I and many others, feel it would be an appropriate and wonderful technology in Lyons.

Section 3 is an exploration of my role as an ecosocial designer, analysing the beneficial relationships I have been cultivating in order to support my community to make a JTED reality. This section aims to illustrate to the reader the multiple action learning cycles I have experienced, my role within the municipal system and the personal care and creativity that feeds my energy to make positive change happen.

Finally section 4 offers my conclusions and gives an insight to my reflections on producing this output report.