Output Specification

This is my eleventh output on my Gaia University masters pathway. You can read my previous work here.

How has this output been designed?

Having looked at my previous output patterns it is clear that each output has become more abundant and complex. My dedication to due diligence, comprehensive research and commitment to ecological and social change has meant that output packets have been refined to near perfection.

With strong advice from my advisor, Valerie Seitz, I have been encouraged to take the sloppiest, least invested, incomplete, imperfect, quick and dirty path to output completion.

This has involved:

On a practical level:

  • Recording 'quick' , unedited video interviews with Diane Dandeneau of the Sustainability Futures Commission in Lyons
  • Recording videos with fellow Gaia University Associate, Arianne Burgess in order to identify my action learning & ecosocial design skills
  • Commisioning an Elf, Nicole Vosper to process my notes, videos and complementary material in order to complete this output report.

On a personal level:

  • Letting go of control
  • Gauaging time better
  • Letting go of fear of failure
  • Working collaboratively on output packet creation
  • Embracing mystery & trusting the process

One of the main goals of this process and of my stated capstone year goals has been to learn how to reduce the burden on readers of my right brain imposition by presenting information in more of a left-brain logical way. I hope this has been achieved and that you enjoy reading this output report.