Specifications Pathway

Output Specification

  • Identify my key Co-Creative Assemblies of Understanding, Regenerative Design, & Learnings/UNlearnings, from my Capstone Year, impressed by expansion & complexity condensation, sampling my strongest interrelated outputs as found in my 6P's & my 6 Sub-Projects
  • Review my outputs holistically and universally. Holistically, from GU setting of intentions & flexibility, & Universally, from intensive call & feedback through real yet symbolic sounding out.
  • Draw patterns of discovery of my creative power through 'condensing brainstorms' that can lead to future worldview design decisions after my graduation.  Map healing myself, healing the earth.
  • Use this output as a synergy of my best integrative ecosocial design skills.
  • Evidence paradigm dissembling from the past year in Q’s to myself manifested in Asking for Help & Letting go of control.