My 6 P’s:

My 6 P’s

1. Project shows a selection from many large Key action-learning directions,Universal & Local color-coded, exploring my internal growth, speaking out for key planetary health by design structure, the hugest being unrelenting proactive persuasion for EcoMachine cultivation in my municipality as a first for my State. One of many governing themes is water empowerment as I defend the commons & contribute benefits to the field of IESD.
2. Peer-Project Mentor holds together my interactive organizing of local & Gaia U community skillflexes.
3. Personal explores my inner & outer healing, growth & reveals of an Indigenous right of passage given to me as SuperSkyWoman. My personal care helps Recapture my‘home' within Key L/UNLearnings & Choices through the Personal, Empowering Megaphone, A Personal Story clues you to a personal model. Whole Brain skillflexes are gained by story-boarding left & right brains.
4. Professional visitss my right livelihood & skillflexes applied, my many Hats & Habitats I inhabit that guide my writing/ art-making/ Permaculture teaching/ Sustainable Futures Commission integration with other commissions & healing of communications breakdowns.
5. Political dips into an overview of my political advocacy during my MSc degree & the many political skillflexes that pushed my edges to thrive proactively. I created my GU blogs as political Art expression that shares an experimental inviting eco-terrain.
6. Power the Future extends what my MSc action-learning has taken me through into the future. It posits future growth made from  parallel & integrating endeavors that have united under the Gaia U Banner, heading me to world scale actioning.