How to read this Output

This MScOP6(12) has 6 chapters after the Overview page, & 6 subchapters under 1. PROJECTS on this Mahara site:  Please click the numbered tabs to move through the Mahara pages. This Site includes the 6 Ps. (Output Process Reflection & Conclusion) are included on the Power the Future page. At the end of Power the Future page you will be linked to my i-web website Power the Future video which continues the output. Please proceed from there by following upper menu to Supporting Evidence that holds the Digiphon & Resource Review. 'Da Journal Blog is a creative way of showing my Journals.

The balance of Supporting Evidence & Blog is optional reading as a bonus.

This MScOP6(12) LR's aim is to capture my Capstone Year Project as a whole year of learning, for what it looks & feels like, & can share my Key Learnings & Unlearnings of Gaia University action learning. On my i-web page you can access all 2 years of my Gaia U output writings from the i-web bottom menu. I hope you enjoy this learning review of my last capstone year as much as I enjoyed writing it. This page describes the structure.