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awesome OP1b! thanks for the inspiration and food for thought! hope your homestead is going well. -DBL
Very nice indeed, on multiple levels from Earth to Cybersphere. Excellent use of what can be done with the mahara tech (and tech in general, as demonstrated on your website - Wild Heart Permaculture. Props for rocking it!
hello there, Read pieces of your op1a, wow!your 'river' includes a lot of wisdom. Be happy to do a peer review should you need one - don't expect one in return, mine is written more for my own sense of pathway and is lengthy. I am working on an Open topic Masters in Urban Agriculture, don't know whether this is similar to your own work but wanted to invite you to a working group on UA should you be interested. Its set up on Mahara and will send link if you are inclined. If not that's ok, but wondering if I could share your portfolio to one of my orientation guild members? She's not as handy on the computer but very talented with a guitar and know she would be very interested in how you incorporated music into you output! Take care and be well, Virginia Menstell