OP1A Life and Career Review


Specification and Reflections for Life and Career Review

Jacki Saorsail


Profile information

I grew up in Kansas and moved to Oklahoma in 2001. I went to College for Physics and East Asian Area Studies, but decided to leave school to pursue my interests in community organizing, cooperative businesses, and sustainability projects. I've lived in housing co-ops, put on a human rights festival, written and received several grants, organized a sustainability conference, owned and operated an organic gourmet mushroom farm, and grown, processed, and distributed organic and local food for many years.

I am in the Master's Degree program at Gaia University in Open Topic.


I am using an Inspiron 1520 laptop running Windows 7. I back up my data in Google Drive and a removable hard drive.  I wrote the content in open office and copied and pasted it into Mahara.  The photos are uploaded into Mahara.


Life and Career Review

Jaclyn Saorsail

Master's Degree Program at Gaia University, Open Topic

Pre-Capstone Phase, Output Packet 1A, Section 1302

Published 04/15/13


          This Life and Career Review is a lot more than a typical work-related resume. I include my life story with photos, a timeline, and four journal entries from different times in my life.  I recently went through a long and difficult transition and I talk about the stages of this transition and how I dealt with them.   I also include a design portfolio with a sampling of the work that I have done in the organizations I have been involved in through the years.  Finally, I include a full resume and supporting documents.


           What I hope to gain with this output packet is an easy way to introduce myself and quickly get to a level of understanding and trust where people feel comfortable working with me.  I hope that this Life and Career Review gives people a good sense of who I am, my dreams, my quirks, my challenges, and my achievements. I look forward to feedback, please feel free to leave comments. Thank you.


Process Reflection

          I was originally going to use a 3000 word bio that I wrote several months ago as a preface or introduction to a book I was thinking about writing. However, when I read it I thought it seemed very report-like.  I didn't feel like it captured the struggles and the triumphs that I have gone through. I was thinking about how to make the story more personal when I remembered a diary that I had kept for several months in 2007. I dug it out and started reading. I was blown away by the significance of what I was reading and how well it brought me back into that moment in my life. I decided that I had to use some of that material. It perfectly showed me entering into a transition phase and I decided to follow the timeline of that transition.


          I looked back through my old notebooks and planners and found an entry on a day in 2006 that felt like a high point before the transition. I started to piece together what went on that day. Amazingly, I was able to remember a lot of detail, looking at events that happened around that day for context. I also decided on one day in 2010 that was along the bottom trough of the transition. Then chose a very recent day (less than a week before) that demonstrated how I've come out of that transition and my view of the future.  The process helped me develop a new understanding of my life. It mapped out my latest transition in a way that helps put to rest some frustrations and anxieties about it. It also helped me get honest with myself about my decisions and the impacts of those decisions.


          I originally published this Life and Career Review with the four journal entries as the main content.  However, several months later, while filling out job applications, I decided to add a design portfolio and I gave the journal entries another look.  While they had been very helpful in helping me process, they were now seeming too personal and not inclusive enough of all my past experiences.  I decided to go back to the book introduction I had originally rejected as the main content and posted the journal entries on the side.



Jacki Saorsail
19 April 2013, 8:20 PM

Self-review form

Ava Klinger
23 April 2013, 12:16 PM

Wonderful job on your use of Mahara Jaclyn!

Jacki Saorsail
04 May 2013, 2:25 PM

Peer review of Itai Hauben's L&CR.

Simha Bode
06 May 2013, 8:48 AM

Thanks for sharing. Looks like you have found your niche at Gaia U, good things to follow!

Ariane Burgess
11 September 2015, 3:54 AM