Learning Reviews


This is a collection of Learning Review OPs.

If you have a Learning Review that has been pro-reviewed reply to the post on the Work Station forum Output Packet (Post Pro-Review) with your Program, OP information and the OP's secret URL here.


Amelia Parisian's Capstone BSc OP 5 - Welcome to the jigsaw puzzle of treasures that make up my Gaia University degree.

Liam McDermott's Pre-Capstone MSc OP 5 - This report discusses the myriad un/learnings during my precapstone experience. In addition to summarizing my Output Packets and reviewing key learning.

Laura Kaestele's  Pre-Capstone BSc OP5 - The learning review follows the eight shields model as a natural cycle and design framework guiding my transformative action learning cycle through the inter-connected story of pathway, project and OP work in co-creating sustainable cultures.

Tommy Lehe's Pre-Capstone OP5 - ( IDPD) - This Learning Review follow the Dragon Dreaming model as I reflect on and celebrate the work I have done over the past year or so, including projects and OP's on education, permaculture design and patterns.