Personal Next Steps


Design a support system for myself for supporting Sam/coping with long term chronic stress

Design a system for more conscious plant alley work

Do optimum nutrition design, with naturopathy modules from herbalism course & focus on cancer prevention

Install reminder app on computer to take breaks

Buy for the long haul poster from the beehive collective, declutter, more houseplants

Post on glastonbury noticeboard for massage/herb exchange

Do Re-evaluation Counselling course in 2014 in Glastonbury

Design my own self care poster & laminate e.g. With stretching pictures on it

Enrol in Nutritional herbalism course when inheritance comes through

16 tasks

Professional Next Steps


Invest time & energy in Community Training Collective

Finish Feed Avalon business plan & related next actions (too many to list!)

Write Diploma in Community Organizing preliminary proposal

Write access to land book proposal for Maddy Harland from Permanent Publications

Put Radicle Ecology Collective proposal on my website & put call out on networks

Design a more refined writing system for myself

Try to identify some mentors & approach them

Organise & promote Liberation Permaculture Design Course

Arrange skype to talk about potential Gaia U Journal & next steps

Get back in touch with Beyond our Backyards project RE potential collaboration

21 tasks

Project Next Steps


Design Freedom for Sam website & do campaign design

Write towards agroecology article about badger cull for the same reason as the above

Finish Feed Avalon business plan & related next actions

Post on South West permaculture list to see if someone else could organise convergence in 2014

Write animal liberation & land struggle article to help find other land-based allies

Organise South West Extreme Energy Tour - support Frack Free Bristol to do most ofthe legwork!

Organise small/intimate Reclaim the Fields Gathering to help with movement-reflection & my role in RTF.

Direct FFS email to gmail so it can be more collectively managed

Email Dr Mariann LLoyd Smith to see when she is next returning to the UK

Depending on funding situation, email IES contacts to form working group to take on organising a big networking event & open gardens in 2014

14 tasks

Peer Next Steps


Aim to find some anarchist allies in Somerset!

Research building on highstreet as potential squatted space/social centre

Re-evaluate each of my community organising commitments & try to prioritise, as to create more sustainable workflow in 2014

Organise a radical distro for Feed Avalon or other events I organise locally. Maybe organise some radical film nights.

4 tasks

Political Next Steps


Finish caged bird zine & upload to Bristol ABC website.

Write prison abolition & animal liberation article

Finish resilience to repression zine/handout

Write proper resilience to repression project proposal for Animal Action Network

Sort my PGP encryption out and join email list to organise repression projects

Design materials for Prison abolition website and events

Organise resilience to repression tour/SOCPA solidarity tour

7 tasks

Pathway Next Steps


Order books for OP3 & check which are at library

Organise skill flex advising session with Jennifer about how I can integrate more ongoing documentation into my output creation to reduce write-up related workload

Look up videos to watch for OP3 & bookmark

Look up short courses/webinars for OP3 which may be faster/effective ways of learning

Integrate SMART goals into output 3 re-design and any further output

Design pathway budget for 2014 incl. Program pauses and extensions

6 tasks