Outcomes from these projects

Personal Outcomes

Over the past few months I have met many new people and made great connections in the Boulder community. I am working on ways to leverage these connections. The best part is that I feel that I have a supportive community. My daughter was getting out of school for the summer and I was offered a free place to stay house-sitting for June and July and a part-time job at The Integral Center. It was the perfect timing. The house that I moved into has five bedrooms and two other single parents living there. I am finally in a community house with other parents, which has been my goal since I moved to Boulder in September.


Professional Outcomes

One month ago I was offered a part-time job at The Integral Center and decided to quit my job at Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. This has given me the time to finish this output packet and work on Coism and other projects. I have since been offered more hours at The Integral Center and there are several potentials for income in the projects that I am working on with new partners. The Integral Center is run with Holacracy and I am implementing similar systems in the new organizations that I am starting.This is giving me lots of experience, which I will need if I am going to become a Holacracy Coach.


Project Outcomes

I have been working non-stop developing the principles of Coism, building websites, and doing research. Though a lot of this is purely intellectual work, it is preparing the ground for the action that will unfold in the coming year. The systems and community is still emerging. Every week something significant changes, so it is hard to keep track of the exact outcomes that I am looking for. However, what is happening is magical and I am glad that I have this forum to share it.


Peer Outcomes

My relationships with Brian, Elizabeth, Willie, Ava, and others have been growing deeper and I have been able to touch many people who are excited by the work I am doing. I am eager to harness this interconnectedness and create a thriving co-creative community.


Patrix Outcomes

I am developing a new economic system that will replace Capitalism. This changes everything.