Description of the process of making OP4

Output Packet Design

The design for this Output Packet was much simpler than the designs for my previous two OPs. I decided to focus on just one project (plus an update on progress toward my capstone) and leave out my many side-projects. This was a great decision, since I have plenty to talk about with Coism and it makes my OP much easier to understand and follow. I used a template from my last OP, which I like.

I didn't do a lot of thinking about how to design the OP itself. I figured out after I was done that I should have more of a conscious plan to build on my skillflexes or reach certain personal and professional objectives for myself through my project and pathway design.  So far I've been mostly concentrating on the outcomes of the project itself, not sure how to design the pathway and OPs. Therefore, I really only have a project design and not an OP design for this OP.


How I Integrated Feedback

I focussed on just one project, which is feedback I have gotten from multiple people. I have integrated feedback from previous OPs into the design layout. I think my layout has improved and my content is getting easier to follow.


Time and Commitment Management

In the project itself I have done a great job of meeting my commitments to meet with the Coism team and do my assigned tasks. For the output packet, it took me a long time to finish this OP for multiple reasons. However, I think this worked out perfectly because the Coism project reached a point of being presentable just when I was ready to complete the OP. I got a head start creating the layout and entering some photo content months earlier, though I did most of the work in the month before I turned in the OP.

I am still using a kanban board as the background of my computer and a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the tasks completed for each project and the time I spent. Here are the totals for each project relevant to this OP.

Time Estimates

Ouput Packet Creation: 29.5 hrs

Research: 50.5 hrs

Coism Design: 56 hrs

Incubator Admin/Consulting: 72 hrs

Web Development: 45.5 hrs

Total work for this OP: 253.5 hrs


Interventions and Transformations

I took 6 months to turn in this OP because

1. I wasn't sure what it was going to be about until the beginning of June.

2. I didn't have anything ready to present as a complete project until June.

3. I was working full-time and didn't have time to work on an OP.

4. I didn't have money for Gaia U tuition.

I have taken all apparent road-blocks and turned them into opportunities. I have had plenty of time to explore possibilities, find different ways of doing things, and work with many people. I think that the large and emergent nature of what I am doing requires a lot of time and my pathway is unfolding just the way it should. Getting a job at The Integral Center at the beginning of June was a fortuitous event because I would not have been able to complete this OP otherwise.

Final Reflections

I am relieved to finally turn in this output packet, and that I was able to focus on one project so it was relatively easy. Not that creating a new economic system is easy, but reporting on it is easier than reporting on ten different loosely interconnected things at once and trying to tie them all together. I have had a great time doing this project and am ready to move on to the next phase, whatever that is.



This ouput packet is hosted by Gaia University using the open source portfolio software Mahara.  I am using an Inspiron 1520 laptop running Ubuntu 14.1. I am using Dropbox to store my files. I use both LibreOffice and Google Drive to create documents. I used Xmind to mind map. The photos are uploaded into Mahara.


Project Design